Magnificent world class entertainment,
fusion of Japanese traditional and contemporary culture



Place : Asakusa Kagekijyo


Strucked by a cutting edge, Japanese dance!
This is ‘ISABUYO’.

Not just musicals, theaters, and concerts.
Welcome to the unprecedented view of world!

‘ISABUYO’, the fusion of traditional and contemporary japanese dance.
The up-and-coming performers, selected by worldwide appreciated dance professionals,
become as the appearance of ‘Hanafurisode’, ‘Hanakamuro’, ‘Hanashinobi’, and performs fascinating
classical dance, in the next generation film, music, lights.


Highlights of HANAFURISODE NO MAI Tokyo

Gorgeous dance performance of the fusion of Japanese
traditional and
contemporary culture

・The elegant dance behavior of ‘Hana-Furisode’
・Gigantic crossing movements of ‘Hana-Kamuro’
・Speedy, cutting edge, ‘Hana-Shinobi’ with lights and videos
・Beautiful sound of Japanese traditional instruments, ‘Hana-Wagaku’
These highly artistic performances will be played in an omnibus format.

Asakusa Hanayashiki produces Hanafurisode, the manner of behavior, dressing kimono,
Japanese dance, music performance, to girls whom dreamed to become ‘Yamatonadeshiko’
that means ideal woman of ancient times, Hanafurisode is an apprentice of ‘Maiko’,
prospered in the middle of Edo era. Lessons are held in a individual experienced
way, modified as a modern stlye.

Ninja, borned in Japanese history is one of the most popular Japanese culture in the
world. Because of Hollywood movies, Ninjas appear and disappear like a shadow.
Ninjutsu is said to be fainting way to master. Boys who desire to become a selected
up-and-coming performer that combines traditional culture and contemporary culture
with flowing movements and high technical skills learned in rehearsal, in tune with
the music played by the tones characteristic of traditional Japanese musical

Japanese dance, which are researched and directed at college education, is called
‘ISABUYOU’ at overseas. Next generation girls, who are highly motivated to spread
the magnificence of Japanese culture, are willing to become the cutting edge new
performer of Japanese dance.

The chosen, next-generation performers who wish people to know more about Japanese
musical instruments, play with a feeling ofthe once-in-a-lifetime music tone.




First year of Reiwa
Performance schedule

Start from 2019, July,13th (Sat)

October 2 14 15 16 23 24
Wed Mon Tue Wed Wed Thu
November 5 6 15 19 20 21 26 28 29
Tue Wed Fri Tue Wed Thu Tue Thu Fri
December 9 10 16 17 19 20 23 24 26 27
Mon Tue Mon Tue Thu Fri Mon Tue Thu Fri


Information of performance tickets

Viewing ticket (tax included)

Non-reserved seat Reserved seat Reserved seat S (with a bonus)
Adults (high school students or above) 3,000 yen 4,000 yen 6,000 yen
Children (4 to 12 years old) 1,500 yen 2,000 yen 3,000 yen

◎S reserved seat benefits: Official goods, memorial picture with Hanafurisode

* All seats with 1 drink * Tax included.
* Tickets are needed from 4 years old. Under 4 years old is free on the knee of parents.


* Only photographs are accepted, videos are prohibited. Please use your own smartphone or tablet terminal.
We do not accept the use of flash shooting, digital cameras, video cameras, telephoto lenses, tripods, or
selfie sticks. Please rerfain from bothering other visitors. Photos for commercial purposes are prohibited.
Please be careful not to infringe on personal portrait rights when posting to SNS.
* Admission fee for Asakusa Hanayashiki will be free on the performance date. Show your ticket at the
entrance gate. * Reserved days or special night hours, are not applicable. * Admission to the amusement
park applies only during opening hours. (The last admission is 30 minutes before the closing)


Trailer movie

Introduction movie